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Saturday July 6, 2013

Emergency Update

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be reported that the Benghazi-British Petroleum (BP) and Muslim Brotherhood dots have been connected.  

The Muslim Brotherhood is CIA and British Intelligence.


Accordingly, the coup d'état in Egypt that ousted Mohammed Morsi as the President Egypt was orchestrated at the highest level of both U.S. and British Intelligence and executed by the Egyptian Military, which still takes direct orders from former U.S. Vice pResident Richard Cheney.

Billions of dollars in trading revenue has been accrued by banking giants JPMorgan and Citibank, along with the Bush-Clinton administered hedge fund giant and NSA money launderer, the Carlyle Group reference the price of oil at $103 a barrel.

Richard Cheney's Halliburton is making out like a bandit too given this coup in Egypt.

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Emergency Update

January 30, 2011

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert


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P.P.S. It should also be noted that the alleged terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, is nothing more than a front for British Intelligence and the U.K. oil giant British Petroleum (BP).

The British subsidiary aka the Muslim Brotherhood has played a major role in industrial petroleum development and oil exploration across the Middle East on behalf of the aforementioned British oil giant BP.

Item: The Muslim Brotherhood has long ago been fingered (and not reported by the corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly U.S. media) as having major trading accounts at none other than Barclays bank in England, J.P. Morgan Chase and none other than Goldman Sachs.

Note: This information was originally revealed in none other than the London Daily Telegraph a year ago January.

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The Muslim Brotherhood's Connection to Benghazi
Kevin McCullough | Jul 01, 2013

On Wednesday June 26, 2013 reports began to pop up across the Arabic world citing an internal Libyan government memo that has not yet been acknowledged in the American press.

The memo is pictured here:

*Photo Courtesy of Raymond Ibrahim

Multiple sources have confirmed this document details several confessions of the six Egyptians in Libyan custody for the 9.11.12 bombing of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.
The document details the involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi as being involved with and in the funding, support, planning, and execution of the attack.
What is unique about this document is that its content wasn't leaked to the press in some sort of salacious move. This is simply an interdepartmental memo from the Libyan National Security offices in Tripoli to the Ministry of the Interior. Written solely as a perfunctory after-action report as the results of the Libyan investigation in the events of that night.
It was prepared by Mahmoud Ibrahim Sharif, the Director of National Security of Libya.
In his report Sharif conveys that the Libyan investigation unearthed an Egyptian (terror) cell that had been involved in the planning and execution of the attack. Six confessions from those arrested at the scene--all of them Egyptian--and all connected to the U.S. terror watch listed group Ansar al-Sharia.
Concerning the most important claim of the Libyan memo, Raymond Ibrahim, (an American research librarian, translator, and author, whose focus is Arabic history, language, and current events) indicates that "during interrogations, these Egyptian jihadi cell members 'confessed to very serious and important information concerning the financial sources of the group and the planners of the event and the storming and burning of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi…. And among the more prominent figures whose names were mentioned by cell members during confessions: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi...'"
The investigation also seems to have unearthed a video taken the night of the attack in which members of the jihadists identify themselves as being sent personally by "Dr. Morsi."
If in fact Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was even remotely involved, tacitly aware, or even seen giving nodding approval, why on earth did President Obama turn around and deliver 16 fighter jets and 200 tanks to the Egyptian regime roughly three months later?
Why was Morsi invited to the White House in September 2012? Then invited for December 5, 2012? Then February 2013, then March? Why does his visit get continually postponed as though the White House seems to know something about him and his visit that they are not comfortable with?
Why was the President so thoroughly unreachable when the attack took place, and for a period of six to eight hours, incapable of accounting for where he was as the worst of it played out?
Why did Hillary Clinton give her support to the Brotherhood's pet project at the United Nations--to declare blasphemy of Islam a global crime?
Why did the Obama White House and the National Security Council meet with and host a Muslim Brotherhood radical on June 13, 2013? (Who is the personal assistant to a terrorist so extreme his presence is not even allowed in the U.S.?) And only confess to it when it finally is reported by the press?
And why does the current administration have as many as a half dozen mid to upper level appointees that have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood--either directly or through Brotherhood member organizations?
If you thought the answer the White House gave us on the IRS targeting of conservative groups was lame, wait till we get answers to these questions!
This document was merely a finding of the internal investigation of the Libyan investigators the Libyan internal authorities, but its findings should be printed on the front page of the New York Times.
The very sad reality of this Libyan memo, may be something too harsh for the average American to grasp.
Is it possible that something even more sinister was playing out on the night of 9.11.12, and the rationale for all the lies about the incendiary video, and Dr. Susan Rice, and the changing of the story during a Presidential debate, was in fact to keep us from having the bigger story told?
Was Egypt part of the intentional set-up with the out-of-the-blue protest at the American embassy initiated by the Morsi government to help give the Obama administration the cover for the narrative about "the video?"
There is no doubt that when Obama had the choice to assist Hosni Mubarak--who while far from perfect--kept a tight leash on the extremist elements under his rule, chose instead to push Mubarak aside in favor of the Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi.
And the questions persist... "why?"
Another question that also now rises: “Will the White House press corps do its job and press for answers on Egyptian involvement in 09.11.12?”
Will Congressional committees re-evaluate aid to Egypt in light of this finding? Will ANYONE in Washington take a step to do what is right, to make amends to a slain ambassador's family, the families of two Navy Seals, and a retired Airman who all lost their lives trying to serve the country they believed in?
There are a lot of questions to be answered just from the revelation of this report.
Does anyone care to do what is necessary for justice in light of it?

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Benghazi Terrorists: ‘Dr. Morsi Sent Us’
May 31, 2013 By Cynthia Farahat
The terrorist attack in Benghazi is far more disturbing than previously thought. Although it has not been reported in the U.S. media, the possibility exists that the Egyptian government may have played an operational role in the attack. YouTube videos of the terrorist strike raise a serious problem that only an Arabic speaker would detect: some of the terrorists are speaking in the Egyptian dialect of the Arabic language.
Indeed, one of the videos shot with a cell phone of one of the attackers emerged around the time four Americans were killed. It shows a mob approaching the American compound under siege, clearly telling the terrorists in the dialect of Upper Egypt: “Mahadesh, mahadesh yermi, Dr. Morsi ba`atna” — which translates to: “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, Dr. Morsi sent us.”
The words “Mahadesh yermi” for “don’t shoot” are characteristically spoken in Egyptian Arabic, while Libyans from Benghazi would say, “Matermey” for “don’t shoot.”
“Dr. Morsi” refers, of course, to president Mohamed Morsi of Egypt. The name Morsi is Egyptian and does not exist in any other Arabic speaking country.
The Egyptian regime’s connection to Benghazi also helps explain why it denied U.S. the ability to interrogate Abo Ahmed, an Egyptian suspect in the terrorist attack.
According to a Fox News report, Abo Ahmed had contacted Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri in late 2012, asking to establish a base in Libya “to take advantage of the conditions in Libya after the revolution in order to buy weapons and attract foreign fighters.”
Egyptian media demanded an explanation from the Egyptian regime on why Morsi’s name was mentioned by jihadists during the attack. This question went unanswered, and until now there has been no word of this issue in English-language media.
This incident fits a larger context: On the same day that the U.S. compound in Benghazi was attacked, so too was the U.S. Embassy in Cairo under attack, resulting in al-Qaeda flags flying above the embassy in the place of American flags.
According to friends living two blocks away from the U.S. embassy, Egyptian security was withdrawn from protecting the embassy a month prior to the attack – a development without precedent.
Reports from numerous Egyptian dissidents at that time, which included prominent Egyptian dissident Wael Abbas on his twitter account, stated that the people surrounding the U.S. embassy in Cairo were not protestors but “regime-hired thugs.”
Anyone who has lived in Egypt knows that Egyptian citizens don’t have access to enter the neighborhood where the U.S. embassy is located without passing through at least two check points where they are required to show personal ID, state the reason for entering the neighborhood and provide proof of this purpose. I know because I personally had to do this numerous times for decades.
The Egypt connection might explain the curious statement by President Obama three days after the attack, when he said, “Egypt is not an ally.”
It should not come as a surprise that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) would engage in attacks against the United States. The MB’s ideology incorporates war tactics and supports terrorism against the U.S. as one of its major objectives.
The current MB leadership isn’t ashamed of announcing its support for al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden’s attack against America. The MB member and Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Vice Chairman Essam El-Erian stated in May 2011: “The assassination of the leader Osama Bin Laden doesn’t mean the end in the war against the enemies of Allah. The way he was killed reveals the ugly face of American civilization.”
Yet after El-Erian’s announcement of his support for Bin Laden, State Department officials welcomed him in December 2012 in the U.S..
According to the MB and Sunni doctrine, it’s only permissible for Islamist leaders to maintain a ten-year duration of hodna (Islamic truce) with an infidel nation. This raises the question of whether breaking the truce was the root of the Sep. 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi. That attack against America was, according to Islamist doctrine, the only way the MB would be allowed to renew a truce. The MB also might have possibly needed to legitimize their Islamic rule among their jihadist followers through exercising jihad.
The MB’s duality and hypocrisy remain major war tactics. While dealing with the U.S., Morsi himself practices deceit when he, for instance, calls President Obama a liar in Arabic, and a friend in English. The MB war is fueled and encouraged by the submissive and self-loathing suicidal foreign policy of the Obama administration, which elevates U.S. enemies above U.S. interests.
Cynthia Farahat is an Egyptian political activist, writer, researcher and Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum. 

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The IRS Scandal Is Bad – The Benghazi Scandal Is Worse. Much Worse.
by Ulsterman on May 20, 2013
With so many scandals linked to the Obama administration to now choose from, it is easy to overlook the fact that when it comes to the Benghazi Massacre, Barack Obama lied after four Americans died. Benghazi is symbolic of the absolute disaster that has been the Obama foreign policy. Muslim fanatics have taken over both Egypt and much of Libya, Turkey continues to more fully embrace Islamic fundamentalism, Israel is under attack from all sides more than ever, and the Syrian conflict threatens to pour over into neighboring nations. The Benghazi cover up is far more than a mere “talking points’ dispute. It is in fact the purest example of an Obama White House that places politics over truth, and anti-Americanism over the safety of the United States…


First, regarding those now infamous talking points. It has been proven the Obama White House lied and lied repeatedly on that example alone. White House Spokesman Jay Carney indicated only a couple of minor details were altered – a day later reports surfaces that there were at least a DOZEN revisions that ultimately removed all mention of terrorism in general, and Al-Qaeda in particular. This was clearly politics over truth, though the full reasons as to why the White House was so willing to lie regarding those talking points likely goes far beyond mere politics.
Second, we are now gaining a far better picture of what resources were available to attempt a rescue of those Americans trapped by the terrorist attack against the Benghazi consulate. The Obama White House has attempted to maintain no help was available. This has been countered by input from various military sources, as well as recent testimony to Congress by three Benghazi whistleblowers. And one particularly damning question remains on this point – if a rescue mission could be deployed and arrive to Benghazi within three hours, why wasn’t it? Those who are saying there was too little time open up a door for which they would rather keep closed – HOW DID THEY KNOW HOW MUCH TIME THEY HAD? What if the attack on the consulate went on for twelve hours or more? What if there were hostages?

Someone in the Obama administration gave a stand down order and then nobody did anything until long after the conflict had concluded, and what then followed was the Obama White House’s tried and true method of indicating “there is an investigation” into what happened in Benghazi, so they were unable to answer questions on the matter. This is the same tactic used for the Fast and Furious scandal, and is the same tactic they are attempting for both the IRS and Associated Press scandals.
There are but a handful of very basic questions that must be answered, and frankly, it is perplexing that so few Republicans have been willing to yet raise them – at least publicly. (Which leads me to believe that what was going on in Benghazi was so corrupt and shocking few wish to really speak of it.)
-Why was Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi? What was his purpose/mission there?
-How is it that just one hour after meeting with the Turkish government official, the Benghazi consulate is then under attack by a very well armed terrorist group?
-No details were ever released regarding the autopsy results on Ambassador Stevens. The only word given was by a doctor in Benghazi who worked at a hospital controlled by Muslim terrorists. Surely American officials took the time to determine for themselves the cause of death for Ambassador Stevens – and yet, there is no official statement on that matter from U.S. officials. The first American ambassador killed in the line of duty in over thirty years and there is no official conclusive cause of death given by the American government?
-Who gave the stand down order to not attempt to assist the Americans in Benghazi who were under attack – and why was that stand down order issued?
-Where was Barack Obama during the Benghazi attack? Again, there has been no official statement regarding where the nation’s Commander in Chief was during this time. Some have said he was sleeping. Was he watching in the Situation Room at the White House? Was Valerie Jarrett or someone else actually handling the situation – and thus the near total lack of a military response to save those Americans?
-Why did Barack Obama and those within his administration continue to blame an obscure YouTube video for the Benghazi Massacre days and weeks after it happened? Evidence released since then proves the White House knew who was actually responsible within hours of the attack – and yet, the “blame the video” tactic was pushed long after the fact. Barack Obama himself mentioned the video on such shows as Letterman, The View, and even did nearly two weeks later at the United Nations.
The Benghazi Massacre remains the most murky and potentially damaging of all of the ongoing Obama scandals.
Americans deserve the truth on Benghazi.
Barack Obama appears intent on burying that truth right along with the four Americans who lost their lives there…