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"When injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty." ~ Thomas Jefferson



Cyber Terror Led to Japanese Nuclear Meltdown  03-20-2011

The Adamus Group Exposed: It's Nazi Paperclip   05-19-2013

Treasongate Escalates but Endgame Nears   05-21-2013

Zero Hour Nears   05-25-2013

Boston-Benghazi-911 Dots Connected   05-27-2013

U.S. Remains Under Nazi Paperclip Attack   06-01-2013

ABN AMRO is Broke!   06-04-2013

Banks in the Bucket    06-05-2013



Financial Treason and a Lot More   06-16-2013

Benghazi/NSA-Gate Update   06-18-2013

The Second American Revolution Will Now Proceed Relentlessly   06-20-2013

NSA Totally Exposed as a Nazi Gestapo   06-23-2013

Treasonous NSA Now Cornered   06-30-2013

Emergency Update   07-06-2013



U.S. Military Remains Enraged   07-14-2013

Bush-Clinton-Obama Crime Family Syndicate-NSA-Federal Reserve TREASON Totally Fingered

United States Remains on the Brink   07-21-2013

NSA Crime Spree Continues As 9/11 Unravels   07-28-2013

Bernanke's Derivatives Are Still Ass Backwards as the NSA Faces CIA Decapitation   08-01-2013

The Latest NSA-Mossad False Flag and the American-Turkish Council Fingered Again

Gordon Duff, the Traitor Exposed!   08-06-2013

Brute Force Is Now Operative   08-08-2013




The U.S. Military Has Had It   08-19-2013

The Derivatives Are Still Ass Backwards   08-26-2013

It is Still the Derivatives, They Remain Toxic   09-01-2013

Wanta Exposed As Total German Nazi Paperclip NSA   09-02-2013

It is Now Endgame!   09-04-2013

The NSA's Three Dimensional Algorithms Exposed   09-08-2013

Larry Summers Exposed!   09-15-2013

Bloomberg Newsgate Is Obamagate   09-17-2013

Gary Best Inc is Back as the Fed Goes Broke   09-22-2013

The Wizard Of Oz Has No Clothes   09-24-2013

It Is NOW!   09-26-2013

Banks Gone Rogue and a Lot More   09-29-2013

Emergency Update!   10-03-2013

The Second American Revolution Is Well Under Way!   10-08-2013

What is the Endgame Now?   10-13-2013

It Is Completely Absurd!   10-21-2013

It Is Westworld!   10-28-2013

It Is Still Thieves' World   11-03-2013

California Governor Edmund G Brown Ready To Have TRAITOR Feinstein Removed   11-05-2013

When You Look For The Truth You Look For CBS News   11-06-2013

It Is Now the End of the Road   11-10-2013

Traitor Dianne Feinstein Will Be Arrested  11-13-2013

Algorithms and Ponzi Schemes  11-16-2013

Derivatives Remain Hybrid aka Ass Backwards  11-20-2013

Dinar-Gate Escalates  11-24-2013

Oh Canada!  12-01-2013

New Currency Ponzi Scheme Revealed  12-08-2013

Bitcoin in a Box  12-15-2013

9/11 TOTALLY UNRAVELS  01-01-2014

The Elephants Are In The Room  01-05-2014

The Unraveling Continues  01-08-2014

The Are All Extortion Friendly and Treasonous  01-09-2014

Hold On To Your Hat!  01-13-2014

Update!  01-15-2014

It's HIGH Treason At Every Level  01-19-2014

U.S. Military Pivots Again  01-26-2014

There Is NO Real Cash, It Is All Derivatives!  01-30-2014

Obama Orders U.S. Lockdown   02-02-2014

Identify The Enemy, It Is CNN!  02-06-2014

Crooked Banks And NSA Crime Spree Escalates  02-09-2014

Showdown Beckons  02-22-2014

Financial Defcon Beckons  03-02-2014

Wanta Exposes Ukraine Psyop  03-08-2014

IT IS TIME!  03-12-2014



Financial Terrorist George Soros Totally Fingered in Nazi Paperclip Ukrainian Coup  03-16-2014

Train Wreck Beckons  03-20-2014

Bank vs Bank  03-23-2014

The Latest on Ambassador Leo Wanta and His Attempt to Get Paid  03-25-2014

Bank Bank Bank  03-30-2014

The NSA Remains The Enemy Of All Freedom Loving Americans  04-01-2014

Banks are Broke - Netanyahu a Direct Enemy of the U.S. Constitution and the American People  04-02-2014

Fort Hood Now Confirmed As Bush-Nazi Paperclip NSA BLACK OP Headquarters  04-04-2014

It Is A Monopoly, Stupid!  04-06-2014

North by Northwest  04-10-2014

Day of Reckoning Beckons - China is Broke  04-13-2014

Another Nazi Paperclip NSA Black Op False Flag on American Soil as the American People are Ready to Pivot__04-15-2014

Who is John Kerry? Answer: He is 'Skull and Bones' Nazi German Zionist Nazi Paperclip NSA__04-19-2014

The Rouge State of Israel is Now Fingered as Direct Enemy of the U.S. Constitution and the American People__04-20-2014

IMF PIVOTS  04-22-2014

Nazi Paperclip Cabal Faces Extinction  04-23-2014

World on the Brink__04-27-2014

It is Still Bank Bank Bank__05-04-2014

The United States Has Now Become NAZI Germany And The Entire World Knows It__05-05-2014

The U.S. Military is Now Ready to Pivot 2  05-11-2014

NAZI Paperclip NSA Continues to Play God  05-18-2014

Examiner: CNN Crisis Actor Revealed  05-25-2014

Emergency Update  05-25-2014

VITAL YouTube 9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections & Details Exposed  06-01-2014

The Latest 9/11 NAZI Paperclip NSA Bush-Cheney-Clinton-Obama Cover Up Continues And Now It Is A Department of Justice Ponzi Scheme

There Are NO Terrorists - There NEVER Were Any Terrorists  06-04-2014

Banks Remain On The Brink  06-08-2014

Black Ops and Psy Ops and God Save the Queen  06-12-2014

Black Ops and PsyOps 2, Pivot!  06-15-2014

PsyOps and Black Ops 3  06-17-2014

PsyOps and Black Ops 4  06-22-2014

The Grand Jury Is The Avenger  06-25-2014

PsyOps, Black Ops and Ponzi Schemes 5  06-29-2014

Catholic Pope Threatened as the House of Cards is About to Crumble  07-06-2014

Banks Face Ultimate Collapse  07-08-2014

NAZI-Gate is Deutsche Bank TREASON-Gate 07-10-2014

It is Still Lippo, Lippo, Lippo  07-13-2014

NAZI Paperclip NSA-Israeli Mossad Adamus Group Fingered Again  07-17-2014

Putin Assassination Attempt Foiled - U.S. NSA Media Lies Totally Exposed  07-20-2014

It is Out of Control but End Game is Near  07-21-2014

CNN Continues to Lie but Their Day is Coming  07-22-2014

Malaysian Flight MH17 Unravels While Financial Armageddon Time Clock Continues to Tick  07-27-2014

VITAL Deleted BBC Report "Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shot Down MH17"  07-29-2014

World War III has Begun and it is Financial  08-03-2014

CNN Biotech Netanyahu Treason Exposed and Will Now Face Eradication!  08-04-2014

Wayne Madsen exclusive: Hayden's and Alexander's corruption at NSA worthy of prison time according to agency insiders  08-05-2014

NAZI Paperclip NSA Criminal Activity Continues to be Exposed  08-07-2014

The REAL Terrorists are Exposed: They are the Bankers and the NSA  08-10-2014

Neo-NAZI Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate Stooge Valerie Nuland Exposed in Her Own Words

Pictures Tell a Thousand Words  08-12-2014

The NSA-CNN Racial PsyOp Exposed  08-14-2014

Federal Reserve 'Bail-in' Remains Imminent  08-17-2014

ISIS PsyOp Exposed as British Intelligence-NAZI Paperclip U.S. NSA Trickery  08-24-2014 

ISIS Crooked Bank Ponzi Scheme Exposed!  08-25-2014


NAZI Treason Escalates  09-07-2014

Alibaba Fraud is SEC Cayman Islands Fraud  09-14-2014

CNN and Erin Burnett Along with Anderson Cooper Now Guilty of HIGH Treason  09-16-2014

HIGH Treason on 9/11  09-21-2014

Who Pays for ISIS?  It is Alibaba and British Petroleum (BP)  09-28-2014

Imagine a World Run by Psychopaths - It is Real!  10-05-2014

NAZI Paperclip U.S. NSA Continues to Go Rogue  10-12-2014

Ebola is a Hoax!  10-19-2014

ISIS/ISIL and Ebola Updates  10-26-2014

​80 TRILLION in Yen, Oh My!  11-02-2014

Wanta Update  11-09-2014

It is Total Financial TREASON!  11-16-2014

Worldwide Currency War Erupts  11-23-2014

The Latest U.S.-French Intelligence Task Force Report  11-26-2014

Code Stalingrad Beckons 11-30-2014

The History Book on the Shelf is Always Repeating Itself  12-04-2014

It is Leak City as the Day of Reckoning Approaches  12-07-2014

9/11 Continues to Unravel and, Yes, There Are No Bananas  12-14-2014

Jeb Bush, the CIA Accountant  12-16-2014

Jeb Bush Commits HIGH TREASON in the Middle of the Night  12-17-2014

NAZI-Communist Bitch George Soros Has Now Crossed the Line  12-18-2014

Neo-con Hillary is the Hacker!  12-20-2014

The ATM Machine is Now Closed  12-21-2014

The Clock is Now Ticking!  12-22-2014

Emergency Update  12-28-2014


Dots Connected: 9/11 HIGH Treason and the Malaysian Air Circus

The Jig is Up!  01-07-2015

It Will Now Be BRUTE FORCE!  01-08-2015

The Pegasus Unit is Now Identified  01-11-2015

It is Blood Libel! 01-13-2015

The Swiss Game Changer and It's a Double Cross  01-18-2015

Ponzi Schemes Unravel but the Deadline is Near  01-19-2015

NAZI Jew Netanyahu Now Declared an Enemy Combatant  01-21-2015

Alice Remains in Derivative Land and the Bankers Have NO Clothes  01-22-2015

This Will All End Bad  01-25-2015

Saudi 9/11 Treason Escalates and Ponzi Schemes Create New Ponzi Schemes  01-27-2015

The Jap Ponzi Scheme is Now a Pyramid Scheme  01-28-2015

Worldwide Banks Now Face Financial DEFCON__02-01-2015

Puppet Obama Has Unannounced 'Secret' Meeting With 9/11 Co-conspirator New Saudi King Salman Abdullah  02-03-2015

Emergency Update  02-08-2015

Greece Remains the Tripwire  02-11-2015

Alibaba Fingered  02-15-2015

NAZI Wanta Fingered  02-15-2015

Euro Clear Clear It All Out  02-19-2015

It's Still 12 Trillion in Debt, Stupid!  02-22-2015

CNN is Now the Enemy!  02-23-2015

Last Night's Intelligence Briefings is Now Confirmed  02-24-2015

The Second American Revolution is Now Unified  02-26-2015

Chinese Banking Crisis Looms  03-01-2015

NAZI Wanta-Japanese Yen Ponzi Scheme Totally Exposed  03-02-2015

Black Swan 2 Looms Tonight  03-04-2015

Hillary Now Totally Fingered as a Traitor  03-05-2015

Worldwide Financial Markets Totally Electronically Rigged  03-15-2015

It is Now the Time and the Hour as the World Waits  03-17-2015

Caroline Kennedy Now Receives Death Threats  03-19-2015

The World in a Swirl and Rahm Emanuel and Gloria Borger Outed  03-22-2015

It All Equals Zero  03-24-2015

The Fiasco is Now at the End  03-25-2015

It is Now Totally Lethal  03-26-2015

The Saudis in a Box and It is All Ass Backwards Calculus  03-29-2015

NAZI Paperclip NSA Direct Attack on the American People Confirmed  04-01-2015

The Fed is Broke!  04-02-2015

CONFIRMED: Year 2000 Duly Elected President Albert Gore Jr. Will Run for Re-election in 2016

World Banks on the Brink  04-05-2015

The Day of Reckoning is Near  04-08-2015

The Austrian Slope 04-09-2015

Chicago Faces Financial Debacle 04-12-2015

Benghazi IS Blackwater!!! 04-14-2015

The House of Cards Unravels 04-19-2015

Blood Lust is Blood Libel!  04-23-2015

The Time is Now the Match is Hot!  04-26-2015

Beyond Corruption 04-28-2015

Financial Treason Continues But It Will Soon Face Endgame  04-29-2015

It is What it is But it is Going to be a Forthcoming Train Wreck Within 24 Hours  04-30-2015

Eyes Over Ohio  05-03-2015

Good Bye Bank of America  05-06-2015

U.S. Showdown Beckons  05-10-2015

9/11 Treasongate Continues to Unravel  05-13-2015

It is an Inconvenient Truth  05-17-2015

The Israeli Mossad has Flipped and it is Now 1967  05-18-2015

Psyops vs Psyops but it is Still Blood Libel  05-19-2015

The Stenographer is the Forgerer!  05-24-2015

FIFA-gate is Deutsche Bank-gate Plus Anthrax Update  05-27-2015

It is 9/11 Blowback and Once Again it is NAZI BushFRAUD  05-28-2015

Massive British Espionage Nest on American Soil Revealed  05-31-2015

NAZI Jew Blitzer of CNN Faces the Guillotine for Treason  06-02-2015

TILT, TILT, TILT!  06-04-2015

The Clock is Still Ticking  06-07-2015

U.S. NAZI Paperclip Ukraine Totally Exposed Redux - Attn CNNs Wolf Blitzer: Read This__05-10-2015

The Day of the Derivatives is Upon Us  06-14-2015

What is His Real Name?  06-16-2015

Trump the CIA-CNN Bush Stooge and More  06-17-2015

It's Contagion: Banks in the Bucket  06-21-2015

Monty Hall Has Left The Building  06-25-2015

Bank Runs Hit Greece and Thomas Jefferson is in the Building, Next!

Thomas Jefferson Remains in the Building  06-29-2015

It is the Numbers Crunch__07-05-2015

Financial World War III is Underway  07-07-2015

It is JPMorgan Contagion  07-08-2015

It is Lagarde vs Merkel  07-12-2015

Financial Treason of Unprecedented Proportions  07-15-2015

Saudi Arabia the REAL Terrorist State and Zero Hedge Update  07-19-2015

Thomas Jefferson Remains in the Building  07-20-2015

IT IS TIME!  07-21-2015

THIS SOON SHALL END!  07-26-2015

Truth and Consequences  08-02-2015

Bush Crime Family 9/11 TREASON Totally Fingered  08-05-2015

Contagion Continues  08-09-2015

ETFs on the Brink  08-11-2015

N E X T !  08-16-2015

It is Still the Derivatives  09-09-2015

There is NO Cash!  09-13-2015

The Emperor Has No Clothes  09-20-2015

It's A Derivative Meltdown  09-27-2015

Saudi Arabia 9-11 ISIS Bush-Clinton HIGH Treason Now Totally Exposed  10-04-2015

The Clintons are CIA Stooges and Closet Republicans  10-11-2015

Truth or Dare  10-18-2015

NO Bitch, NO Bush, NO Bank!  10-25-2015

Bush P2 CIA Plot Versus Trump Revealed  11-01-2015

Double Cross-Triple Cross, It's Blowback!  11-04-2015

N E X T !  11-06-2015

Emergency Update  11-07-2015

The Time is Now the Match is Hot!  11-15-2015



Criminal Blowback Exposed, NEXT!  11-22-2015

Turkey Fingered as the Terrorist Jihadist Enabler  11-29-2015

U.S. on the Verge  12-06-2015

Terror-Gate Remains Treason-Gate  12-08-2015

Hillary Fingered Again!  12-13-2015

Hillary Is The REAL Terrorist!  01-02-2016

Hillary's Criminal Career Exposed Plus Lesbian Sex  01-10-2016

The Truth Shall Rise Again In Tennessee - U.S. Military Pivot Escalates  01-12-2016

Kerry Cohen 'Skull and Bones' Fraud is BushFRAUD__01-16-2016

EMERGENCY UPDATE Iranian Ponzi Scheme Unravels  01-17-2016

Order the Guillotines!  01-20-2016

Hillary's Treason Totally Fingered!  01-22-2016

NAZI Jew Whore Alert  01-24-2016

CNN NAZI Jew Gloria Borger Fingered  01-27-2016

Clinton-Bush Assassination Teams Revealed  01-31-2016

Microsoft Fraud is Hillary-Bush Fraud  02-04-2016


It is Fraud on the U.S. Supreme Court!  02-15-2016

JFK Case Reopened  02-20-2016

Update on the U.S. Military Court  02-23-2016

Hillary Now a Major Target of a Runaway Federal Grand Jury Plus the Bill Clinton-Bill Cosby Black Prostitution Ring Fingered  03-06-2016

History Lesson: Thomas Jefferson vs the Muslim World  03-10-2016

Rahm Emanuel the Racist!  03-13-2016

Blood Lust is Criminal Blood Libel  03-20-2016

The Brussels Airport is Israeli Mossad Terrorist Headquarters  03-27-2016


Netanyahu Fingered in 9/11 Black Op and Now Issues a Death Threat vs Bernie Sanders  04-10-2016

Bush-Clinton Tied to JFK Jr Assassination and Plot vs Al Gore  04-17-2016

9/11 Treason Continues to Unravel  04-24-2016

President Albert Gore Jr Calls for a Second American Revolution  04-28-2016

Bush-Clinton-Obama-Romney Worldwide Financial Ponzi Scheme Totally Exposed  05-08-2016

Financial Armageddon Beckons!  05-15-2016

A Nazi Star on Israel's Horizon  05-22-2016

Crooked Hillary Clinton War Monger Totally Exposed  05-30-2016

Husband of Prosecutor Investigating Pedophile and Child Rapist Bill Clinton Assassinated  06-02-2016

A Call for Resistance From Our Founding Fathers  06-05-2016

Hillary Clinton Now Fingered as Lesbian Racist Crooked Bank Stooge  06-09-2016

Omar Mateen Now Fingered as a DHS Informant  06-12-2016

Orlando, Florida Obama-Clinton-DHS Homosexual-Lesbian FALSE FLAG PsyOp  06-14-2016

Lesbian Hillary Clinton's CIA Orlando PsyOp Unravels  06-18-2016

Lesbian Demon Hillary Clinton, Along With the U.S. CIA, Linked to Orlando Massacre of 49 Americans for Political Purposes  06-26-2016

Lesbian Demon Hillary Fingered for Another Murder  07-03-2016

FBI Director James Comey Must Be Arrested Immediately  07-07-2016

Dots Connected: The Clintons and Bushes are Cold-Blooded Murderers

​Clinton-Bush Assassination Teams Now Fingered  07-14-2016 

Black Lives Matter is Now a Clinton-Bush Assassination Team  07-17-2016

​Tim Kaine the Radical Islamic Terrorist Sympathizer Fingered  07-24-2016

Hillary Clinton the ISIS Terrorist  07-27-2016

U.S. Military Flag Officers and the Russian Federation are Now Direct Allies  07-31-2016

Khizr Khan Set Up Hillary Clinton's UNSECURED Private Email Server  08-02-2016

The Bush-Clinton-Nazi CIA Faces Decapitation; Redux: Nazi CIA Traitor Michael Morell Revealed  08-06-2016

The Bush-Clinton-CIA Nazi Dictatorship Will Still Face Physical Decapitation  08-11-2016

The Clinton Foundation is a NBC-General Electric Jack Welch Ponzi Scheme  08-12-2016

IRS Expands Their Investigation of the Clinton Foundation, a CIA Ponzi Scheme  08-13-2016

Nazi Neocon George Soros Fingered  08-21-2016

American Showdown Beckons - U.S. Military vs CIA  08-24-2016

It is Now Code Stalingrad and it is Every 7 Seconds  08-27-2016

Roger Stone Fingers the Bush-Clinton-CIA Crime Syndicate Plus Emergency Update  09-04-2016

The 9/11 Junior George W. BushFRAUD Reichstag Fire Totally Unravels  09-10-2016

Prepare for the Unexpected!  09-18-2016

Hillary Clinton's Bagman David Brock Fingered  09-22-2016

Deutsche Bank has Collapsed!  09-29-2016

Deutsche Bank has Collapsed! Part 2  09-30-2016

Year 2016 Election Fraud is Already Occurring  10-02-2016

Gennifer Flowers Outs Hillary Clinton as a Lesbian as WWIII Beckons  10-09-2016


Nazi Neocon Hillary Clinton Wants Nazi Neocon Michael Bloomberg as Secretary of State  10-16-2016

U.S. Media Financial Treason Fingered  10-23-2016

Clinton-Bush 9/11 Links Totally Exposed  10-28-2016

Clinton-Bush Pedophile Ring Fingered  11-04-2016

​Clinton Pedophile Scandal Exposed with the U.S. Republic on the Brink!  11-06-2016

​LATE BREAKING EXPLOSIVE REPORT and Clinton Pedophile Scandal Exposed with the U.S. Republic on the Brink!  11-06-2016

Hillary Divorces Bill Clinton and Year 2016 Election PsyOp Illusion Update  11-12-2016

PizzaGate is PedophileGate  11-20-2016

Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate Faces Final Decapitation  12-04-2016

CIA and the Washington Post Face Final Decapitation  12-11-2016

Grand Orient Freemasons and Skull and Bones Head Toward Final Showdown  01-07-2017

Nazi German Bush-Controlled CIA Faces Total Eradication  01-15-2017

Albert Gore Jr. of Carthage, TN 16 years later is STILL the REAL President of the United States of America  01-28-2017

Michael Pence Fingered as an Evangelical Nazi Zionist Pig!  04-09-2017

ENDGAME is IMMINENT!  04-13-2017

Geopolitical Financial Warfare Escalates  04-30-2017

The Bush-Clinton Crime Cartel is Still the Direct Enemy of the American People 05-08-2017

CNN Fingered as a Direct Enemy of the American People 05-14-2017

Robert Mueller Remains a Bush-Clinton Crime Cartel Co-conspirator 05-20-2017

British Intelligence Now Faces Decapitation 05-28-2017


The American People Under Nazi Paperclip DARPA Attack 07-02-2017

Bush-Clinton Crime Family Cartel Now Faces Its Final Days 07-09-2017

U.S. Faces Armageddon  08-06-2017

The Democratic Party Faces Decapitation 08-20-2017

Google Faces Its Day of Reckoning  08-31-2017

Netanyahu Now an International Terrorist 09-03-2017

Multiple Shooters in Las Vegas! Paddock a Patsy! 10-02-2017

U.S. Doomsday Clock is Ticking  10-08-2017

Bush-Clinton Homosexual Pedophile Sex Ring Has Been Totally Unmasked 10-16-2017

VITAL Intelligence Updates 10-22-2017

U.S. and French Military Jointly Declare "Code Yorktown" "Code Brandywine" "Code Normandy" 10-29-2017

Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols Release Are Imminent 10-31-2017



Redux Donald Rumsfeld Flips 12-10-2017

Bush, Clinton, Obama, et al Indicted! 12-27-2017

So It ALL Unravels 12-31-2017

NSA Bush-Obama TreasonGate Exposed 01-21-2018

Redux and HIGH Treason Traitor James Baker III Faces Immediate Arrest 01-27-2018

Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton Is An ISRAELI Spy 02-11-2018

Netanyahu Faces His Day of Reckoning 02-18-2018

U.S. Now Under 3rd Degree Military Law 03-04-2018

U.S. Countdown Starts 03-16-18

9/11 HIGH Treason Proven! 04-08-2018

Trump Entrapped in Bush-Clinton-Obama Ponzi Scheme 04-28-2018

HIGH Treason Bush-Clinton Deep State Plants Nuclear Suitcase Bombs All Over the United States  06-24-2018

Bush 2000 Election Coup Led to 9/11 Terrorist Attack 12-25-2018

Kenneth W Starr has been Indicted!  03-03-2019

Trump Faces Arrest by U.S. Military Tribunals!  03-05-2019

Netanyahu Ordered Rabin’s Assassination!  03-08-2019

It is Still Florida, Florida, Florida!  03-10-2019

U.S. Now a Full Scale Banana Republic  03-12-2019

New Special 9/11 Grand Jury Commissioned  03-15-2019

Google is Nazi Germany   03-17-2019

Redux Trump Committing Capital HIGH Treason Pedophile and 9/11 Cover Up and is Ready to Pardon Mueller  03-20-2019

Wells Fargo Raided  03-23-2019

Is the U.S. a British Colony Again?  03-26-2019

It is Now a Bush-Clinton-Trump Ponzi Scheme  03-30-2019

Plot to Collapse the U.S. Economy  04-02-2019

Pedophile Mike Pence Trying to Have Patriot Julian Assange Arrested  04-06-2019

More Behind the Arrest of Global Patriot Julian Assange  04-12-2019

British Intelligence Spy Christopher Steele Fingered as a U.S. CIA Case Officer  04-19-2019

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Certifies That Al Gore is the U.S. President  04-26-2019

Junior George W. BushFRAUD Arrested and Taken Into Custody  04-28-2019

U.S. Civil War Well Underway  05-03-2019

Comey Gets Immunity  05-05-2019

U.S. Civil War Escalates Will Go Global  05-09-2019

Constitutional Confrontation Reaches Endgame as JFK 1963 Files are Released  05-11-2019

Bolton, Pence and Dan Coats About to be Arrested  05-15-2019

Chelsea Manning Ordered Released as Threats Continue  05-17-2019

Trump Faces INTERPOL Red Notice and Gore to Arrest the FBI Director  05-19-2019

.  .  .