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Wednesday July 17, 2013

Bush-Clinton-Obama Crime Family Syndicate-NSA-Federal Reserve TREASON Totally Fingered

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

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UNITED STATES of America -

Greenspan Reportedly Aids & Bribes George Bush Family Part 3
By Sherman H. Skolnick

A senior U.S. Treasury Department official, in the Office of Internal Affairs, in his own-hand-writing, reportedly analyzed more than twenty five banks by which the Federal Reserve participated in facilitating the bribery and corruption of former President George Herbert Walker Bush and his three sons. The secret wire transfer records, some copies of which are attached to Part One and Part Two of this series, show billions and billions of dollars transferred to and from reported accounts of the Elder Bush and his sons. Much of this directly authorized by the secret codes of Federal Reserve dictator Alan Greenspan. Since he acts like a corrupt Soviet commissar, he is called by us ALAN REDSPAN, acting as he is answerable to no one(except the nameless, faceless ruling elite who own and operate America).

===to Neil Bush, who had been an official of the now defunct-by-fraud Silverado Savings & Loan of Denver. Through corruption linked to the American CIA and a major law firm in Chicago, Hopkins & Sutter, Neil Bush escaped being properly prosecuted on federal criminal charges of causing the downfall of this federally-insured thrift acting covertly for the espionage agency. Hopkins & Sutter in the early 1990s had been the major outside counsel of the S & L bail-out agency, Resolution Trust Corporation, like Silverado, also themselves out of existence. There is an overlap to the corruption of Bush family crony, William Rockefeller Clinton. [More on this in a later part of this series.]

===Jeb Bush (Governor of Florida) and his Colombia-born wife reportedly implicated in massive dope trafficking and money laundering Colombian cocaine through reputed Bush family accounts in Banco Exterior De Espana, Malaga, Spain. Ostensibly arranged through Bush family cocaine money laundry wizard Giogrio Pelossi. For details, visit our website:

===George W. Bush (Governor of Texas) through huge amounts in the Bush family reputed accounts, in and through NCNB of Texas, Garland, Texas. See Parts One and Two of this series. And reportedly by and through reputed Bush family accounts in Banco de Occidente, Panama City, Panama and Banco de Panama, Panama City, Panama. To cover up such details, the Bush family had to have Panama strongman, Manuel Noriega, grabbed by U.S. military in an invasion and transported to Florida for supposed "trial". A corrupt federal judge kept all Bush family corruption matters linked to Noriega and the American CIA OUT OF THE COURT RECORD.

Who all are involved, and what is involved, in the massive river of clandestine and illicit funds to and from the Elder Bush and his three sons? It falls mainly into these categories:

[1] Super-courier of "dirty money", Vincent W. Foster, Jr., an espionage kingpin jointly with Hillary Rodham Clinton and Webster Hubbell.

[2] The reported bribery of judges of the Texas Supreme Court to okay a TWELVE BILLION DOLLAR lower court judgment in favor of the Elder Bush's firm, PENNZOIL, against TEXACO, a major importer of oil from Iraq. Bush as well strong-armed the U.S. Supreme Court judges in the Pennzoil-Texaco case. (More in a further part of this series.)

[3] Reputed soybean speculator and money washer, Richard Dennis of Chicago, in combination with Senator Fred Thompson (R., Tenn.) and major movie moguls and sports celebrities. (More coming.)

[4] Extortion and kick-backs, extracted from the weak oil sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf, done from the decade of 1980 to 1990, by the Elder Bush and his then private business partner, Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi strongman. Transactions through the Chicago branch of Italy's largest bank, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, owned in part by the Vatican. And arms deals for Saddam through BNL-Atlanta with the connivance of Bush and Hillary Clinton. (More coming.)

[5] Political assassinations and other bloody dirty tricks by the Bush family and others, through Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI, and its alter ego and successor, Pinnacle Banc Group, of the Chicago mafia enclave of Cicero jointly with the head of the Vatican Bank. (More coming.)

[6] The Bush family and the Manuel Noriega Affair.(More coming.)

[7] The Red Chinese Secret Police, the Bush Family, Kenneth w. Starr, the Japanese mafia (YAKUZA), and the Chicago markets. (More coming.)


The Clinton's close crony, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., was being tracked as a possible traitorous spy assisting Jonathan Pollard, long before Foster's short term position as Deputy Counsel in the Clinton White House, a secret government report states.

The details are in a report put together by retired former intelligence agents and submitted to their former superiors. When the higher ups wanted the matter covered up, the team showed it to members of our group who took notes but were not permitted to keep a copy.

Surveilled under orders of a clandestine court meeting in a sound-proof facility in the District of Columbia area, Foster was shown to have coded Swiss and other accounts ostensibly put there for him by Israeli intelligence, The Mossad [The Institute]. The seldom-mentioned Court's authority stemmed from the 1978 law, under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Usually, a federal judge from Chicago was one of those on the court panel. Deposits at Foster's account at one bank on the Swiss-Italian border, at Chiasso, Banca Della Svizzera Italiana--and accounts elsewhere--held at times two, seven, and as much as ten million dollars between them, the report details. The deposits were put there reportedly for Foster's co-operation with The Mossad. Foster may have been blackmailed or tricked, however, by way of the purported existence of these accounts, to supply top-most U.S. secrets to Israel and to work jointly with Jonathan Pollard, now serving a life sentence for confessing to spying for Israel as to U.S. secrets on the arming of Iraq by George Herbert Walker Bush and Caspar Weinberger. Foster, the report states, worked jointly with the person using the pseudonym of "Robert Maxwell", a high-level Mossad official posing as a U.S./British/European purported business tycoon in the mass media and elsewhere. Maxwell mysteriously fell off his boat to his death in the Atlantic late in 1991. His business empire, thereafter shown to be a fraud, collapsed. Others may likewise be blackmailing Israel, the report shows.

The suppressed document goes on to detail that since the early 1980s, Foster held the equivalent rank, as if he were a military general, in the super-duper civilian government spying and code-cracking operation of the U.S., the National Security Agency. Foster continued this work in the fews months that he was Deputy Counsel of the Clinton White House. In the 1980s and thereafter, Foster, with the aid of the Elder Bush, ran a so-called "Gold Bank" in the Caribbean, for supplying clandestine gold for use by spy operatives, the report sets out.

For more than twelve years, Foster traveled widely for the NSA, sometimes on behalf of reputed NSA proprietary, Systematics, then headquartered in Arkansas. Systematics purported to be supplying bank computer software services. They actually apparently were spying on banks worldwide, friend and foe alike, for NSA. Traveling for NSA/Systematics hundreds of thousands of miles, Foster was the master-mind of an NSA project that tracked Federal Reserve and private wire transfers between banks, trillions of dollars per day.

Foster acted jointly in the project with the aid of his two Rose Law Firm partners, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Webster Hubbell who had been Mayor of Little Rock and once Acting Chief Judge of the Arkansas Supreme Court. Foster's airline travel records, the report shows, were issued in his capacity as a "U.S. Government Official".

Because of being the master inquisitor of this action, Foster never believed the project and circumstances might someday find his own purported foreign coded accounts, or that such accounts, if he did not already know the funds were parked there for him---that such purported coded accounts could supposedly finger him as having violated American espionage laws.

This trio---Foster, Hillary, Hubbell---and their project made use of computer software, superior for money tracking, called PROMIS, stolen from its copyright-owner and developer, INSLAW, Inc. High officials in the Reagan/Bush Administration, in fact, with the particular aid of George Bush, reportedly stole the software and sold it to foreign espionage agencies, supposedly for tracking political dissidents. The software actually had a "trap door" for the American CIA and the NSA to spy on intelligence agencies, friend and foe alike. The report contends that to successfully expose all this and Foster's role might damage both the G.O.P and the Democrat Party.

A code-name-only Federal Agency commissioned the retired intelligence agents to put together a report on Foster which was never supposed to be referred to publicly or see the light of day. Not supposed to be de-classified for thirty years, the report contends among events:

=== Foster, as spy chief, assisted Jonathan Pollard, a lower level analyst at the Office of Naval Intelligence, ONI, to carry through security blocks, the equivalent of an entire room full of the highest U.S. secrets on nuclear weapons, including tracking and targetting details and satellite co-ordinating codes and data. [Some of these details in binders were found in or near Foster's White House office after his death.]

===That Foster assisted Pollard on behalf of then Vice President George Bush and then U.S. Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. And Foster caused others to assist Pollard who did not himself have the authority to be carrying such secrets home with him. Both Foster and Pollard were apparently paid for this: supposedly through the use of PROMIS Software and other means, to supply Israel with such data long before Israel had developed its own proficiency in the same field.

===In so doing, Foster purportedly enabled Israel to be perceived as a genuine nuclear threat to the then Soviet Union.

===That the so-called "publisher" tycoon, using the fake name "Robert Maxwell", assisted in these joint efforts. [When "Maxwell" died mysteriously, he was buried with top honors as if he were the head of Israeli intelligence, The Mossad.]

===That Foster jointly with his NSA/Systematics partners, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Webster Hubbell (who went on to become 3rd in command in the Clinton Justice Department), supervised and strategized for the NSA purported proprietary, which, in turn, made use of the reputedly stolen INSLAW software. [A Chicago-area attorney, a close crony of Hillary's, John E. Gierum, of the suburb of Park Ridge, where she is from, confessed to this writer, in the presence of a witness, that the Clinton White House was trying to frame him on matters related to this. Gierum did not dispute the details of his confession when we confronted him in the Federal District Court in Chicago, 1996-97. The purpose of the intended "frame-up" was to silence Gierum.]

===That the Foster-Hillary-Hubbell trio aided the worldwide surveilliance on bank wire transfers and transactions, through the INSLAW "trap door". Also spying on transactions on an advance data basis, of stock, bond, commodities, and options trading and brokering in the U.S. and elsewhere. This spying, the report states, benefitted certain high-level persons in the U.S. and elsewhere, including George Herbert Walker Bush, Caspar Weinberger, and others. Among the places used, the report contends, was a highly secret, heavily secure operation on the 94th Floor of the World Trade Center in New York City. That operation, the report asserts, may have been the target of the bombing of that building in 1993 since the basement attack would cause noxious fumes to gather on the upper floors. (One of the accused so-called "Arab terrorists" bombers was actually close to Israeli intelligence, the report states.)

The document raises the issue that Israel and others may have had an interest to knock out the 94th floor operation.

According to the report, a former high-level Mossad official, living in the Chicago-area, co-ordinates some of the bank and brokerage spying, through a super-computer built into his home. The retired intelligence agency team assert that he is a renegade now working AGAINST The Mossad and is highly corrupt. His address and particulars were made available by certain other sources for the purposes of targetting him for a so-called Israeli revenge attack on his residence. By accident some years prior, this writer interviewed that official when he supposedly was still an Israeli official.

The report goes on to contend that Hillary was more or less Foster's "lover" and had knowledge of his purported coded secret accounts; that Hillary had what is known in law as a beneficial interest in those accounts in Switzerland and elsewhere.

The report goes on to detail how Hillary and Foster were apparently able to blackmail various members of the U.S. Congress and federal agencies. The report lists 240 top U.S. Officials who took bribes or were black-mailed as if they did take the bribes, by way of bribery funds parked in Swiss and other banks. A small group of former intelligence operatives, very adept with super-computers, traced and determined these coded accounts and through computer trickery, caused the accounts to be entirely withdrawn and wiped out, and the deposits transferred. Over 3-1/2 million dollars of coded accounts supposedly belonging to U.S. officials, were transferred to the U.S. Treasury Holding Account---a device for seizing illicit foreign funds of U.S. citizens.

The report contends, however, that under disguise of being seized for the U.S. Treasury Holding Account, that the funds were actually stolen by the computer wizards. Left unanswered, the report asserts, is whether these accounts, including that supposedly of Foster with Hillary's beneficial interest, ever went to the U.S. Treasury Holding Account or actually to private accounts, including those of George Herbert Walker Bush and his family, and certain renegade operations of the American CIA, French CIA, the Mossad, British Counter-Intelligence, and others.

Shortly before his death, the report states, Foster was upset when informed by the First Lady that Foster's purported coded accounts, supposedly from Israel, were found out and seized; that Foster was about to be charged with treason against the U.S. based on those purported accounts. Those about to charge Foster, the report states that Hillary informed Foster, claimed he should have been sent to life in prison along with his confederate Jonathan Pollard. Hillary is quoted in the report as informing Foster that she thinks if he were to finger his accomplices in the Pollard treason, namely George Herbert Walker Bush and Caspar Weinberger; that it would not constitute a practical criminal defense in view of the influence of those two with the Courts.

The report raises the issue that Foster's brother-in-law, Beryl Anthony, former Arkansas Congressman, might be implicated in the spying jointly through Anthony's boss, Jim Thompson, former Illinois Governor and financed for high office by the Rockefeller Family. Thompson has been chairman of the 400-member, Chicago-headquartered law firm, with worldwide offices, Winston & Strawn, of which Anthony has been a key member in their District of Columbia office.

The report makes the sinister point that Foster's death was "arranged" and "necessary" for reasons of protecting the bank/brokerage/foreign intelligence agency spying project. That Foster had to be "terminated" for "national security".

In the Second Section of Part Three: More about why and HOW Foster was murdered. And the role of Redspan/Bush

- - -

P.S. At this hour, the NSA-Mossad-CIA-CNN media filth led by fagot Anderson Cooper and Nazi Jew Jeffrey Tobin of CNN have been profiled by the U.S. Military for fostering treason against the American People.

CIA asset Cooper and Nazi Jew Tobin have been trying to create racial tension and escalate race riots in large cities across the United States as to divert and cover up the massive Nazi Paperclip NSA HIGH TREASON that has been orchestrated against the American People on behalf of the foreign state of Israel.

Direct message to fagot Anderson Cooper of CNN: It is a crime to incite the American People vs themselves when the crimes of TREASON have already been linked to the Bush-Clinton-Obama Crime Family Syndicate.

Direct message to Nazi Jew Jeffrey Tobin: Your attempt to run a disguise and a masquerade ball with fellow Nazi Jew Gordon Duff of Adamus Group (traitor Dick Cheney) in trying to attack duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. vs George W. BushFRAUD and sociopath lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton did not work.

Another direct message to Tobin: Shut the f*ck up, punk!

P.S. At this hour we ask the Patriotic elements of the U.S. Military, who now have overwhelming evidence available to them of massive Bush-Clinton-Obama Crime Family Syndicate treasonous crimes against the American People and their beloved Constitution to: