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Tuesday   April 15, 2014

Another Nazi Paperclip NSA Black Op False Flag on American Soil as the American People are Ready to Pivot

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that Glenn Frazier Cross aka Glenn Miller (about to be reported by CBS News) has now been identified as a lifelong FBI informant tied to FBI Division 5 in Crete, Illinois.

Glenn Frazier Cross is also tied to Fort Hood, Texas (NSA Black Op Psy Op headquarters) and the right wing NSA Zionists that occupy the United States of America.

Glenn Frazier Cross is a typical "crisis actor".

P.S. At this hour worldwide banks remain totally insolvent with derivatives and ETF's bankrupting the entire system.

Algorithms are about to go hybrid as worldwide banks asset deleveraging continues.

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Fake Jewish Community Center Shooter Frazier Cross is a Zionist Agent

Frazier Cross, aka Glenn Frazier Cross and Glenn Miller, is not a man supporting any white man’s cause. Rather, he is a supporter of the cause of Zionism. That’s because rather than an enemy of the Jews/Zionism he is actually a Zionist Jew in disguise.

Miller, actually, Cross is an ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center cohort. He is one of them, no less so than the likes of Abe Foxman and Morris Dees.

He is actually more diabolical than either of these men. With Foxman and Dees there is no doubt about their nature and/or role. With the other, it is far more deceptive and more insidious. That’s why Cross is so dear to them.

He is faking it as a Christian and/or white supremacist. This is an essential role for this arch-Zionist mole, as he uses the “rabid racist” role to blacken the white race. He has always been a Zionist agent, working venomously against the Christians and white people as well as the black people and all others.

There is no other possibility. He joined the Zionists in faking this attack and these phony deaths. He does so while the intelligent, thinking world has called the claims in dispute. Then, as he is the key agent for supporting the lie, what is he other than a Zionist mole?

Regardless, what a perfect headline it is for the cabal:

“Klansman kills three at Jewish Community Centers” or some similar facsimile. He does so while yelling, either before or after, “Heil Hitler.”

Who would fit into that role so completely? Would it be a real racist, a true white supremacist, or would it not be the case, rather, that he is a Zionist mole disguising himself as a racist and/or Jew hater?

It’s simply too convenient. The shooting is fake. Cross is acting directly facilitating the lie. He has not come forward and said it is all a sham and a hoax. Therefore, the person acclaimed as the “rabid” racist and former Klansman, accepting full blame for an event which never occurred, must of necessity be a pro-Israeli mole.

The cop’s got his hand in his pocket. If this man was real, if he was a real shooter, a true murderer, a real threat, then, he wouldn’t do that. Both hands would be available to restrain the individual.

Even though it is fake the Zionists will ride this one hard, playing it strong, attempting to get all the sympathy they can derive from it. Beating the drum of all the horrors they have ‘suffered’, they will broadcast continuously the claim that it was nothing other than a hate crime and that, while escaping any harm, it was the poor Jews who were targeted, in fact, Judaism itself.

They will attach it to (they already have) previous acclaimed shootings at Jewish centers. A warning is issued to such Zionists. Any such previous so-called mass shootings at Jewish centers and synagogues will be analyzed to determine the nature of the fraud. The majority of such ‘shootings’ will prove to be fake or, if real, committed by the Zionists themselves.

Even so, this one’s got to be real. It was committed by a known white supremacist, who hated Jews. He’s had guns in his possession all his life and knows how to use them. Really? Then, this experienced gunman and hater of Jews as a last hurrah commits the crime of his greatest desire, killing Jews. Or, did he? He missed. The claim is that he slaughtered only Christians.

Actually, the ten-bit coward didn’t should anyone and never has. He didn’t even miss, because no shots were fired.

All those years of Jew-hating and he couldn’t even get it done right and kill a few Jews. Is he, then, really a hater of Jews and blacks, or is a fake?

The ADL and the SPLC doesn’t like to call Cross by that given name. Instead, they use his alias, Miller. The question is, why? Miller is almost never taken by Jews, but Cross is. So is Frazier, a relatively common given names for people of Jewish ancestry.

The (arch-Zionist) Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracked Cross by his alias, Miller, said that the man founded and ran the Carolina KKK before he was sued by the SPLC “for operating an illegal paramilitary organization and using intimidation tactics against African-Americans.”

The lawsuit is a fake, as is the tracking. They have no need to track him. He is already there, right in their camp.

From Kevin Barrett’s article in VT, there is this:

Dees and Co. have a hot-line directly to the enemy’s home: how convenient.

So, is he, then, like Zionist mole Omar Bakri a Jew posing as the opposite, that is as an enemy of the Jews?

The Cross family (courtesy of one of our posters) could very well be Jewish through not only Frazier Cross himself but also the mother. The children appear to be of Jewish descent.

That would make him an agent provocateur, a paid mole doing the bidding of the people’s enemy, the Zionist cabal. Such agents are commonly relied upon by hostile forces, like the ADL and SPLC, in order to achieve their diabolical aims. Adam Pearlman and Omar Bakri are ADL collaborators. That’s the system that these deviant groups utilize. Moreover, since the deaths and shootings were faked, then, the actors, too, are fakes. Of necessity, they would be cohorts of the faking entities, which in this case are both the ADL and the SPLC (along with AIPAC).

Even so, this is precisely what the Zionists do. They fake the hate against their own selves to generate public support and sympathy. They do so to distract attention for their vast criminal enterprise. Like all Satans, they simply do not want to be revealed.

It is believe, here, then, that he is not only a fraud and fabricator but that he is Jewish, not Christian.

His hostility, mostly verbal, against Jews, as well as blacks, is therefore an elaborate fraud, just like him:

He is a show-boater. Moreover, he is going it for major pay. That pay is likely being issued from the ADL itself and/or the southern Poverty Law Center, though surely laundered to hide the source.

He was reactivated from mothballs by the Zionists for one more scam, one additional strike against the hearts and minds of the American people. "Just put the money in the bank account. I'll do whatever you want."

The ties between Cross (Miller) and the SPLC are particularly extensive. So are his ties to Foxman. In all likelihood Foxman and Dees collaborated with Cross to pull off this hoax, one Sayanim to the other. The 'direct line' of Dees to Mrs. Cross is surely sufficient evidence that they are the deepest friends and associates, not avowed enemies.

UPDATED: Thanks to one of our posters, there is this crucial information. In fact, Cross clearly is a mole and a spy, not merely for the standard Zionist agencies but also for the federal system itself. His role, ultimately, was to set-up unsuspecting "white men" for criminal charges.

Therefore, "Zionist mole" describes him aptly.

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