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Saturday   December 14, 2019
2000 Presidential Election Theft Conspiracy Revealed
 and Ted Lieu Avoids Murder Plot 
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

George W. BushFRAUD

UNITED States of America   -   It can be reported that now inaugurated United States President Albert Gore Jr. of Carthage, Tennessee, along with the U.S. Military Court for the District of Columbia, and U.S. Naval Intelligence have received full authorization from now acting U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice J.T. Ellis III to assume office immediately as year 2000 duly elected United States President.


source     source

President Gore and the U.S. Military Court for the District of Columbia have now appointed Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) as Acting U.S. Attorney General.


Lieu recently took possession of all of the Leo Wanta evidence and rightly concluded that the United States of America has been victimized by a thirty (30) year ponzi scheme involving the BushScherff-Clinton-CIA Crime Cartel, which has looted over $400 TRILLION of Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds which are due the U.S. and French Treasuries over this 30 year period.


This financial Capital HIGH Treason now involves de-certified pResident Donald J. Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, U.S. Treasury Secretary ‘Skull and Bones’ Steven Mnuchin, major fraudster Michael C. Cottrell and homosexual in-the-closet and child rapist U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

The aforementioned treasonous scumbags have laundered the funds through Citibank, the German Nazi Deutsche Bank and American financial major money launder Wells Fargo.

McConnell, who is a two-faced traitor, now wants to avoid a Trump impeachment trial at all cost knowing that the entire house of cards aka the Bush-Clinton-CIA RICO operation, which has destroyed the United States of America and turned us into a Banana Republic over the last thirty years will be exposed.

We can also divulge that Judge J.T. Ellis III has ordered the immediate arrest of former New York Mayor neocon Michael Bloomberg for covering up and bribing New York state financial regulators concerning pre 9/11 financial records tied to major New York banks that Eisley Brokerage firm out of Las Vegas, Nevada concerning pre 911 short positions aka put options that were placed on the Chicago Board of Options 48 hours before the 9/11 black op attack on America.

Helping cover up this pre 9/11 TREASON, along with Bloomberg, is former Chicago Mayor lifelong Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel.

We can also report, thanks to the great work of Congressman Ted Lieu, Democrat of California (now Acting U.S. Attorney General) the same New York state financial regulators that helped cover up the Michael Bloomberg-Rahm Emanuel 9/11 TREASON have now received audio recordings fingering de-certified pResident Donald J. Trump-Drumpf for actually bribing New York State regulators and IRS officials to cover up Trump’s fraudulent tax returns and his crooked money laundry with the Nazi German Deutsche Bank.

American patriot Lieu just survived an assassination attempt 48 hours ago continues to be threatened by members of his own political party, including HIGH treason traitor Adam Schiff (D-CA) and CIA agent Bush Crime Family puppet Eric Swalwell (D-CA).

At this hour President Gore has ordered the immediate arrest of both Schiff and Swalwell and under Military Law HIGH treason traitors face U.S. Military Tribunal execution.

Note: Schiff himself has been a major customer in illegal loans from Deutsche Bank and tried to restrict Congressman Lieu from investigating.

Scroll down, folks, and read the entire history of the year 2000 presidential election criminal conspiracy, which actually began in 1998 that robbed the American People from having their duly elected President Gore take office and set the stage for a 21st century nightmare that the United States has yet to recover from.

Tom Heneghan   September 19, 2010

Stay tuned for our next intelligence briefing, which will include an update on the fake death of British MI6 agent Christopher Story aka Edward Harle. Harle currently residing in a safe-house in Toronto, Canada actually operated as a disinformation agent for former British Prime Minister, Dunblaine pedophile and war criminal Tony Blair, and, as early as June of 2010, one month before his alleged death, had been named as a major suspect by Scotland Yard in the assassination of former British scientist and weapons expert, Dr. David Kelly.

Harley's notebook has surfaced and is now in possession of Scotland Yard; the notebook having both the phone number and address of Dr. David Kelly in it. There is a notation in the notebook in Edward Harle's own writing in which he claims Dr. Kelly needed to be sanctioned.

Story aka Harle is also wanted in the United States for his involvement with British Intelligence operatives tied to Blackwater Associates, now known as company Xe, as well as criminal elements of FBI Division 5 aka Timothy Patrick White (Tim White) and alleged Jeff Fisher and treasonous elements of the Department of Homeland Security aka Barbara Frye and Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate stooge and "Skull and Bones" woman, Frances Fragos Townsend, in orchestrating stoner cell phone microwave attacks against American Patriots, including myself, and plotting actual assassinations of individuals, including American patriot, Ambassador Leo Wanta.

If you are an American or even a Canadian citizen walking the streets of Toronto and you see this charlatan Christopher Story aka Edward Harle go ahead and arrest him and take him to the Canadian magistrate. He needs to be immediately deported.

Also, stay tuned for our next intelligence briefing, which will include an update on the status of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols, the high-speed rail program, AmeriRail, the future of the European Union and the solvency of the United States itself.

- - -

Court Adjudicated Federal Whistleblower Mary Schneider  "It was Jeff Fisher that initially informed me in 2004/2005 (after Tom Flocco's articles on my whistleblowing and my whistleblower website went online) of the Bay Point School (CIA) election theft operation in Boca Raton, Florida."

Newt Gingrich, Bill McCollum and Jeb Bush

In closing, now inaugurated United States President Gore has ordered the immediate arrest of former Republican Congressman Bill McCollum of Florida and former Republican Speaker of the House, Congressman Newt Gingrich.

Former McCollum aide Nancy Abernathy is now cooperating with now inaugurated President Gore and the U.S. Military Court for the District of Columbia in regards to both McCollum and Gingrich taking massive bribes and pay offs in regards to allowing illegal Muslims, including Osama bin Laden’s brother, to immigrate into the United States.

This operation took place in the state of Florida in the 1990s under the administration of none other than year 2000 election stealer then Florida Governor Jeb Bush-Scherff.

The funds were then co-mingled with Bear Stearns and Jeffery Epstein’s child sex trafficking and the funding of Bay Point School in Boca Raton, Florida, which was the CIA operation that was eventually used to STEAL the year 2000 presidential election from then duly elected U.S. Vice President Albert Gore Jr., now inaugurated President Gore.

The states targeted were Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia, Missouri and New Hampshire.

Court Adjudicated Federal Whistleblower Mary Schneider  "After I was illegally fired in whistleblower retaliation in 2005 one week after dual Israeli Chertoff was sworn in as DHS Secretary I lost my home, furnishings, etc and had to move to remote North Dakota where I continued to conduct intel research and post Tom's briefings.  Finally securing a job and an apartment at one point our AFA (American-French Alliance) discovered FBI Division 5 Tim White or his associate was hacking my computer from the local library 2 miles away.

Tom Heneghan     July 25, 2009

Plus, closet homosexual Patrick Fitzgerald [who attended Barney Frank's D.C. whorehouse] has now also been tied to FBI Division 5 operatives Timothy White aka Tim White and Ted Gunderson, as well as stooge Jeff Fisher.

An FBI audio tape has recently surfaced in which Ted Gunderson, Tim White and Jeff Fisher admit to working for FBI Division 5 as informants and having direct contact with Patrick Fitzgerald.

Note: FBI Division 5 informant, cross-dresser Tim White continues to operate openly and freely on American soil even though he has frequently made threats against former Vice President now duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. and his family.
Maybe Fitzgerald, who seeks to arrest internet bloggers, should arrest the cross-dresser Tim White and himself.

Tom Heneghan    Dec 20, 2009

 Note: As you know, folks, we have identified in previous intelligence briefings two of the well known MKULTRA FBI Division 5 COINTELPRO stooges aka Timothy (Tim) White and Jeff Fisher, who have directly harassed and threatened myself.

They have been directed in various black ops directed against the American People aka patriotic whistleblowers from their FBI Division 5 headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Reference: Jeff Fisher has recently been arrested for threatening the life of New York City Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

At last report Fisher is being held in a mental hospital in the city of New York.

Tom Heneghan July 24, 2012

In closing, I am going to request that the TREASONOUS Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg cease and desist in coordinating harassment phone calls and attempts to interfere with my email by FBI Division 5 stooges like Jeff Fisher, Tim White and others.

Message to Mayor Bloomberg: Why did you release this crazed nut Jeff Fisher out of the mental institution that he had been sent to by the New York courts. Clearly, Mayor Bloomberg, you do not believe in the 2nd Amendment and it is now obvious that you do not believe in the 1st Amendment, the right to privacy or the Bill of Rights.

- - -

Foley Scandal Just Tip Of Very Large Iceberg Of Corruption

Charlie Crist Fl. Rep. Gobernatorial Candidate

If you want to help prevent a JEB Bush selected Republican Governor in Florida who will rig the 2008 Presidential election - PASS IT ON!

Charlie Crist is actually gay, and has mollested youth for many years including at a place called Baypoint Schools. You might want to get everybody investigating this in your establishment now.....

Just thought you should know....

Spread the word, Mark Foley and Charlie Crist are covering up a possible murder tied to schools who abused kids for a living.

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ezra Fulson <>
Date: Oct 10, 2006 2:02 PM
Subject: For ABC News Brian Ross, Jake Tapper, Brian Williams...


Cc: Greg Palast <>, Sallie <>,,,,,,

Greetings Brian Ross and ABC News,

I work with the National Whistleblower's Hotline and their entire team. We posted evidence and reported, that in the state of Florida an operation had been going on for well over a decade. The operation was used to brainwash kids, specifically to commit election fraud and other crimes in various states. This crime originated in a place called Baypoint Schools, and you may talk to anyone from Interpol including James Lawrence of the Scottish Secret Service to verify this information.

Basically the entire scam goes back many years, and was being run to ruin our elections on behalf of the neo-cons power grab for the Middle East.

Here is a summary of what we discovered, and what your investigative journalists should look heavily into through-out the state and other areas of the world. DFAF, or the Drug Free America Foundation is supposed to be about fighting drugs. Well, it is not truly about that. What it really is about, is conducting election fraud and brainwashing normal students. They brainwash both students and immigrants, to commit criminal acts often using sickening techniques that only our whistleblower Jeff Fisher knows about. They used this to conduct the Ohio election project, the Florida election project, and many other projects. And when you check into all the facts and dig deep, you will discover that Mr. Jeff Fisher is right on target with what he is talking about.

from Heneghan

Susan Ralston, former aide to Jack Abramoff and Karl Rove resigned today. She has been subpoenaed to reappear in front of the Fitzgerald Grand Jury vis a vis the Valerie Plame leak case.

Interpol Intelligence sources are now reporting that 9-11 / Oklahoma City (Murrah Building Bombing) aka Project Bojinka / WMD Plant / Greenberg Taurig / Tyco International and the Florida-Gate 2000 Dots have been connected. Sun Cruz Casino and the Sixty Million dollar purchase, in March 2000, linked to Adam Kidan, and a Bahamas Money laundry has linked this investigation to a massive criminal conspiracy starting with the overthrow of duly elected U.S. President Albert Gore's election in the Year 2000.

Note: New emails raise questions concerning the activities of Karl Rove, Mark Foley, Matt Cooper and Manny Grunwald (wife of Matt Cooper) surrounding these events as it relates to the overall criminal conspiracy. Some of these emails actually are also linked to two Pages currently linked to the investigation of the pedophile Mark Foley (R. Fla.).

Note: The attorney for one of these Pages is noted Timothy McVeigh lawyer Stephen Jones. Could it be the FBI is in disarray? There is also evidence now linking John Skull & Bones Kerry-Kohn to an election fix bribe aka payoff he received from his third cousin aka George W. Bush (homosexual-in-the-closet) in early 2004. A lot of these funds are parked in the Bahamas aka secret accounts i.e. the Queen Melusina Hillary (lesbian-in-the-closet) Rodenhurst-Clinton money laundry. "

Example: Fordham is also tied to another in-the-closet homosexual Tony Feather in election projects which took place in West Virginia and Tennessee in the Year 2000 U.S. Presidential election. This dovetails to the Florida project i.e. Bay Point Schools Florida that link Mel Sembler and Doug Alexander to the use of PROMIS and CHOICEPOINT Software aka the theft of the Year 2000 US Presidential election in Florida, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Note: Sembler, former US Ambassador to Italy, is now mega-Mossad fundraiser for Joseph Lieberman in Connecticutt, extortion-friendly Alexander, former UK Minister of E-Commerce, Foley(R. Fla.) now outed in rehab pedophile was the bagman for the Florida project. And, of course, the shameless Zionist Lieberman was Albert Gore's running mate. It is no wonder Fordham and Foley are running for the hills.

Note: Fordham has also participated with David Bossy of Citizens United, in various films recently made that smear now duly elected non-inaugurated Albert Gore Jr. in his attempt to inform and warn the world about Global Warming. However Fordham is also bi-partisan (laugh). He has direct connections to none other than Hillary Rodenhurst-Clinton and HMO scams in New York State."

"It can also be reported that other emails and phone records have also been discovered linking Foley to communications with Jeb Bush regarding payoffs and bribery involving the Year 2000 U.S. Presidential Elections in the State of Florida."

1990 Mel Sembler is appointed to the Board of Directors at key schools-through Florida, a head Director of the DFAF Drug and Rehabilitation program. The money cuts are chosen through the many officers who work in the "Neocon" path for de-stabilization in the middle east. Herbert Goldstein, J.T. Moore, Leon H. Sellers are chosen and hand-picked to serve as the nationwide Board of Directors for Straight Inc., which becomes the DFAF or Drug Free America Foundation. Shortly after the start-up period, the Department of Transportation(as well as Homeland Security) takes over and Jeb as well as his wife, become Board Directors for the DFAF.

Mel Sembler, AIPAC and its neocons go on from there and continue to hire Stephanie Haynes, as well as several other former "counter-drug terrorism" officials to become part of their extensive brainwashing program.

Walter "Loenbenberg" helps set up the Holocaust Museum Inc. to pay for "Straights" extensive support team. They do to adolescents what only cannibals get away with. He also helps Mel Sembler achieve a iron grip over the political process, through the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Southeastern Legal Foundation. Richard Mellon Scaife, shortly after becomes an active director for Southeastern Legal.

Once again, Joe Zappala and the neocons get in trouble for DFAF's widespread abuses, aka "Straight" and Israel as well as the media networks try to make it dissapear completely. Mel Sembler and his neocons pay off the witnesses.

The evidence is right in here, plain as day for everyone who reads it. Every single affiliate program that the AIPAC is paying for, gets in trouble for widespread theft plus abuse. SAFE is forced to close its doors in more than 4 states.

Sembler admits the purpose of the DFAF has always been brainwashing, and essentially expands on the fact he is creating a worldwide collective of students who vote for right-ward Likud Neocons and no one else.

Sembler skirts election law anyway, and establishes for AIPAC an endless list of felons to prosecute and fill his prisons with the new "policy" agenda. This is revealed for the first time in Italy, when he is exposed and shouted down for his "Project of New American Century".

The law continues to be broken with ferocity in relationship to subverting elections, and loading the software with felons.

Florida burns and shreds documents proving abuse and extensive back-office elections, fraud or engineering.

Senate documents prove Sembler, Connie Mack and the Neocons like Katherine Harris were denounced and defaced for the extensive abuse done in the DFAF, and the damages to schools as well as elections nation-wide. The Payroll registers are revealed, showing alot of excess slush funds being pumped through the system by the Semblers and all of the neocons who run DFAF's global network.

Sandra Mortham is proven to have been a participant in "The Seed" program, along with Attorney General Charlie Crist, Brent Sembler, and the Board of Straight.

They took part in the Multijurisdictional Cultural Anti-Drug Counter Force training, which felonized students and conducted brainwashing.

Sandra Mortham, a Neocon, learned how to create ChoicePoint in St. Petersburg Junior College while participating in "The Seed" and its many brainwashing classes.

Why did Sandra Mortham then teach everything she knew to Katherine Harris? "The Seed", or the first DFAF was one of the most extensive abusive programs for both Jews and Non Jews alike.

Skip the wine and roses and read the rest of this page, as there is further direct evidence of DFAF former Director Wes Fager also teaching these students the same math and techniques.

I advise you to remember teaching election fraud is very simple when you own the school where its taught. Fast forward, the year 2002/2004 rolls around, Dr. Piotr Blass becomes heavily involved with Bay Point Schools and his children's future through the DFAF Program, called Growing Together. He gets disgusted and fed up with Mel Sembler, and writes a frightening email which we have archived and delineated for proof.

Piotr Blass gets back involved with Bay Point Schools director and teacher, Doctor "Jack" Cole the Bay Point MC of Florida's drug program. Dr. Cole is very similar to his predecessors Dr. Miller Newton, who was also a neocon pedophile. And he is ultimately the same kind of programmer as Sandra Mortham, when she took the classes in Saint Petersburg Jr. College.

At that time in 2003, Raymond Lemme is found dead after finding out about the ChoicePoint 1998, 1999 and continuing projects. The signatures are easy to follow in that James Baker is mentioned.

Piotr Blass continues to cover up his dealings with Bay Point School, and claims to know nothing of it.

But then oddly enough a startling thing happens in July, 2006. Dr. Blass who claims to be a loyal ex-military of the Sinai, Israel sends another letter out which is self-incriminating. If Dr. Blass was a smart criminal, he would not send email messages out that basically admit to him being the main programmer for the President. But evidently, as the proof continues to show this Dr. Blass is not a very smart criminal at all. He is an arrogant criminal, drunk with the power that the neocons give him to freely destroy elections. And today Dr. Blass is claiming that Jeff Fisher now is on his official campaign, and has Division 5 trying to character-assassinate people in Washington D.C. I'll leave it up to law enforcement now, But is Dr. Blass a smart educated criminal, or something else? Read it and keep on....

Read down to here. So as I explained to you before, Growing Together is for a fact a DFAF sponsored program that teaches children election fraud nation-wide. This allows them to, using their sophisticated program "felonize" voters immediately and strike them from the voting machines. Of course, we are going to explore that much more heavily. Doctor Blass got involved with Bay Point Schools because his son, David Blass as well as Oscar Blass were used in their brainwashing program and actually taught election-rigging for this "New World Order". The abuse and trainings were just as severe as the evidence we have already displayed, and the further evidence which we have in our accounts.

Of course, Jeff Fisher was essentially enrolled into being one of their teachers. He was a friend of Doctor Blass and knew absolutely nothing about the fraud or Doctor Cole's long-time projects. Really he was trying to help Jewish victims including Doctor Blass get their children released from the DFAF program. That is until, Dr. Blass finally told him about the classes they teach. You see David and Oscar Blass were brainwashed in this long running program.

They were taught within Bay Point Schools to commit fraud and were forced into doing whatever the teachers in question told them to do.

This is the math they would essentially teach all of the students, so they could further rig the machines within any school or college under direction of DFAF or its affiliate programs.

Investigators working with Raymond Lemme also discovered, that they were felonizing the voters automatically and also brainwashing the students to commit fraud on a nation-wide scale. They would soon also uncover the facts that the Governor signed off on this operation, and was Sembler's only real unconditional supporter because Sembler gave him his election. That information would prove fatal to those agents who we must salute. Torture methods were also used in an extreme variety of ways, which we have archived for proof.

Jeff Fisher also happened to understand what the neocons were doing, because he met with the Rothschilds personally when they flew in from New York. He actually at that time was not aware that the classes being taught were to conduct brainwashing, and cause epidemic election fraud.

Yet he would find out, as each participant turned against each other. And as he stumbled into the conspiracy to not only rig elections for Republicans, but for Democrats as well and anyone who will walk Sembler's agenda.

Mr. Alfred Rogers,
We would appreciate it if you ceased your harassment of individuals. That includes you, John H. Dean and Leslie Barth giving veiled threats. As we are completely aware you are friends with possible felons, namely two Doctors who have worked in Florida. Also you seem to be obssessed with getting money, does this mean you are not really the patriot you say you are?

Also a request has been noted that you stop sending sexual or otherwise inappropriate email to any of our contacts, including Sue. We are not tolerating veiled threats.

In the meantime, he tried getting the Democratic Senator Bill Nelson from Florida to care after seeing the evidence. And he just shrugged and said, "This is great stuff, now I'm going on vacation." as though he was quite pleased AIPAC rigs elections.... So even though at least three senators didn't want to accept the election fraud which took place, the people pressed on. AIPAC has "purchased" Congressman like Bob Ney, like Bill Nelson, and like even the illustrious John Kerry. Therefore it is no longer a matter of the fraud being real, its a matter of Congress deliberately working to cover it up. Those who do cover it up, are very loyal to the Globalist conspiracy. If you check our hard-copy emails and other proof, you will notice that Jeff Fisher actually met the Rothschilds. And it just so happens Doug Alexander & Mr. Rothschild are who are really behind the crime, as well as the fraud and conspiracy.

As to how Jeff Fisher stumbled onto this, he was approached by Dr. Piotr Blass' friend, Sean S. Lennon. Sean actually participated in the election tampering himself, and was also a school teacher as well as MIS Director. Sean Lennon was going to help Jeff get elected into office, no matter what via his election project and with Dr. Blass blessing.

Essentially the arrangement was, Fisher would help rescue his two children. In turn they would get him elected via the fraud projects, and become a well compensated teacher. Only problem was, at least two or more witnesses saw what was going on. Another teenager died at Bay Point Schools and that crime was reported, yet nothing done to Sembler.

Make that, two teenagers who died in the DFAF program run at Bay Point Schools. Mel Sembler and his boss continue to with prejudice, cover this all up. Because on top of the brainwashing and psychotropic drugs, they are completely forced to do election fraud. And they do this directly through the programming classes they employ.

Dr. Blass and more recently his superior Dr. Cole, teach 5th dimension art or advanced algebra at each of the schools. At this point in time, it was being taught at Bay Point to help the students rig elections. And also over at Key College, but since Sean Lennon worked with a variety of different programmers they didn't all stay with one. No, everybody who is involved in the DFAF command structure moves around alot. They go from state to state, starting with a state like Florida to help young kids & immigrants rig elections.

Notably, of course they dealt with Florida. And they were able to disguise this fairly well. But they also committed the same crime in California, in Ohio, in even Georgia and they used the same exact
Choicepoint linked database software. This methodology was literally duplicated all across the country, and not a person is really lifting a hand about it- because this entire congress seems to be purchased by AIPAC. And yet while Sean Lennon & Doctor Blass were willing to admit they committed fraud, no one else had a conscience whatsoever. And they did not come forward, so both Mr. Lennon & Dr Blass saw no reason to expose the truth. Not to an already brainwashed population, that's what the two of them decided.

And why is nothing done, why we can assert based on the amount of evidence out and coming, that the real reason nothing is done is each party wants a piece of AIPAC. It is all up to them, and the democrats have a trump card by allowing this brainwashing & election fixing. Its trump card is Hillary Clinton, and the next AIPAC bought president.

For the republicans its a similar thing, only different goal. So a brainwashing operation is allowed to continue unabated until people realize, they don't want lobbies like AIPAC deciding their elections. In
the end it matters not which party gets in power, pro-Likud Zionists are running the USA. Choose your flavor of which type. Either way until people wake up, pro-Likud Labor Zionists completely own the United States.

Ultimately Doctor Blass became friends with neocons like Adam Michnik, who are Likud Zionists and who expouse a Leo Straussian philosophy. 

They decided that because the world in general is ignorant, that they can rig their elections and over-throw Saddom Hussein as well as anyone else. After all you can make millions off of deciding the world's elections. While they may all be pawns for a greater agenda, they are so convinced that what they do is right that they break the law religiously.

That is from Alan and Adam Michnik. Adam Michnik of Poland, believes in anti-totaltarianism so strongly that he is a devout Likud Zionist and friend of Mel Sembler. His programming skills are the highest, and the Polish neocons are well aware of the fact they rig our elections. Jeff Fisher has been carrying around on his person, for most of the journey all of this evidence. Evidence of the true pullers behind the strings. Its easy to blame Jeb Bush when its actually the Likud Neocon Sandra Mortham, who is responsible for getting you touch-screen voting machines.

Essentially Mortham broke the law to get ES&S machines installed that were already pre-rigged. The PRE-LAT tests were rigged, using the same nasty little Choicepoint secret that Adam Michnik, Dr Cole and all the neocons are hiding. But she got them installed in every county, and our whistleblower will testify to the fact Sandra Mortham received $300,000 from Joseph Klock and Bay Point Schools to do it. Jeff Fisher witnessed this on audio conversation, and also testimony that came right from Mr. Lennon and Dr. Blass. We have already provided much of this, and much more not shown as up-to date evidence to investigators, prosecutors, you name it. Its going to take the people to stand up to AIPAC in order to stop this fraud.....just a few can not do it alone, and our whistleblower will keep exposing everything.

To be continued."

Mark Foley is also covering up a murder Jeff Fisher will testify too, the murder is tied directly to Gene Mische who owns a National Horse Association and is a partner of Mel Sembler and AIPAC itself.

You will want to look into all of that.

unto thyself be true



Feds: GOP Lobbyist Abramoff ran Capitol Hill call-boy sex service at DC hotel

by Tom Flocco

Convicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff

Washington—October 5, 2006——A retired intelligence agency official corroborated the revelations of a national security expert that male and female heterosexuals, homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and underage children provided sexual services to numerous congressmen, senators, national media hosts, top military officers and other federal officials who were compromised and made susceptible to blackmail at three Washington, DC hotels since 2000.

The long-time intelligence insider with multiple Capitol Hill sources told that convicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff operated the sex / spy ring at the Watergate, Ritz-Carlton and Sheraton hotels in Washington, DC. “The whole Republican Party was for sale—the House, Senate and the White House,” said the well-respected federal insider with impeccable and historic intelligence credentials who declined to be named at this time but who is familiar with testimony and sources close to a grand jury probing the GOP lobbyist’s sale of sex in return for legislative influence over taxpayer dollars.

White House presidential advisor Karl Rove

According to Justice Department sources there is email and phone record evidence that White House advisor Karl Rove is linked to the operation of Abramoff ’s sex ring according to federal agency sources who spoke with U.S. intelligence authority Thomas Heneghan.

Heneghan added that a grand jury heard several agents testify last April that “the Watergate, Ritz-Carlton and Sheraton Hotels in Washington, DC were used to compromise legislators and news-people with prostitution services, the financing of which is directly linked to the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Marc Rich and Abramoff.”

The allegations raise serious questions as to why such testimony was not made public to protect the safety of congressional pages subject to sexual contacts by congressmen or other officials linked to the Abramoff poker party hotel sex ring which has already ensnared convicted former GOP Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-50-CA) who is currently serving a federal prison sentence.

On Wednesday evening CNN Primetime host Nancy Grace interviewed former congressional page Tyson Vivyan who called recently resigned Florida Congressman Mark Foley “sick and depraved” after receiving explicit emails and instant messages asking if he [Vivyan] “would like to perform sex acts on Foley” more than ten years ago when he was sixteen years old.

Heneghan’s executive intelligence network revealed startling allegations that “retiring GOP Senate Majority Leader and Tennessee 2008 presidential candidate William Frist visited the Abramoff hotels,” adding that “Frist is reportedly a close friend of George W. Bush’s Yale Skull and Bones roommate—former Knoxville, Tennessee mayor Victor Ashe—who agents have alleged to be a long-time albeit sporadic Bush 43 consort.”

Heneghan also alleged additional prostitute customers as British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former CNN host-reporter Robert Novak, both of whom were allegedly introduced into the sex-ring by GOP reporter and former male prostitute Jeff Gannon.

Gannon visited the Bush White House private living quarters 45 times without the assignations being recorded in visitor logs even though they could be documented by the President’s Secret Service detail, said Heneghan who has yet to be interviewed by mainstream media.

Foley addressing Log Cabin Republicans gay lobby group Federal agents linked recently resigned Representative Mark Foley (R-16-FL) to Abramoff and Gannon who allegedly acted as “facilitators for the poker parties and an elaborate prostitution ring of pedophiles and extortion-friendly homosexuals-in-the-closet serving elements of the Republican leadership,” he said.

The intelligence expert said FBI investigators are reportedly probing GOP bribery of the family of one alleged congressional page-boy victim who was sexually approached by page predator Foley, having received lurid emails which were eventually publicized widely in the media.

Heneghan said payoff money was allegedly channeled through presidential advisor Karl Rove and Abramoff to induce the congressional page’s silence during the past three years.

Heneghan’s federal agent network also revealed that sources close to the New York Times indicate that GOP congressional leaders including Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert (R-14-IL), House Majority Leader John A. Boehner (R-8-OH), House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R-7-MO) and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) all helped obstruct justice to cover up the sets of emails incriminating Congressman Foley over a lengthy period of time—and that the Foley email issue was “taken care of.”

Media reports indicate that most Americans feel that homosexual and lesbian citizens have the same rights to equality, fair treatment and privacy afforded to all Americans; however, Foley’s position as a United States congressman who preyed upon underage congressional page boys crosses the line of criminality which leads many to wonder if more federal legislators will become ensnared in the Abramoff hotel sex ring pedophilia asserted by federal agents.

WMD, poker and pillow talk

While allegations of sex with minors promulgated by the retired intelligence official are scandalous, Heneghan unloaded an explosive charge that the White House bin Laden “terrorist” film footage was produced in Las Vegas by a Paramount subsidiary called Las Vegas Rose Productions and that many of the alleged 9-11 “hijackers” including Mohammed Atta visited Sin City just before the September 11 attacks.

The intelligence authority’s network of agency sources revealed that prosecutors will have interest in reports that "the genesis of the Valerie Plame CIA leak case took place during one of Capitol Hill reporter Robert Novak’s alleged visits with an Abramoff hooker at one of the hotels after a poker party."

“Photographs of politicians in compromising positions have reportedly already been used as blackmail to silence politicians who would speak the truth about the 2000 Bush-Gore election fraud in Florida, prior knowledge of the September 11 attacks , Iraq—yellowcake—weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and how Abramoff and Netanyahu were the pimps for the sex for influence operation,” said Heneghan.

President Bush emphatically denied that he personally knew Abramoff, despite CIA and Secret Service documents indicating the convicted lobbyist visited the White House 200 times during the first ten months of the Bush presidency— often enough for a personal visit on every business day of each month, according to wide news reports.

Despite the daily White House visits, Bush said “I’ve never sat down with him and had a discussion with the guy,” adding, “I’m also mindful that we live in a world in which those pictures will be used for pure political purposes, ” attempting to justify his unwillingness at first to release photos with Abramoff and to account for his false statements.

Heneghan told us the Bush administration wanted Valerie Plame-Wilson’s identity as a CIA official leaked because her intelligence team had identified Israeli Mossad operatives inside Iran who were to receive weapons of mass destruction to be delivered through Turkey and planted in Iraq to further the president’s case for war.

“The financing for these whorehouses is linked directly to AIPAC, Benjamin Netanyahu, Marc Rich and Jack Abramoff; and the money trail ties back to American International Group (AIG), Hank Greenberg, Leonard Millman and Doug Alexander—former British Minister of E-Commerce,” said Heneghan.

Obstruction of justice and cover-up?

GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert

Notwithstanding the 1989 Washington Times report on the homosexual prostitution ring at the home of current Democrat Congressman Barney Frank (D-4-MA) whose reported call-boy lover moved the operation to Chevy Chase Elementary School with the cooperation of its gay principal, speculation that House Speaker Dennis Hastert might eventually resign his post indicates the Foley case may involve more members of the Republican congressional leadership than previously thought. This, while the House ethics committee impaneled four congressmen today to investigate the Foley case armed with some 48 subpoenas.

GOP Congressional Campaign Chairman Tom Reynolds

Disgraced Rep. Mark Foley’s former chief-of-staff Kirk Fordham—Republican National Congressional Committee (RNCC) chairman Rep. Tom Reynolds’ (R-26 NY) chief-of-staff—resigned Wednesday after revealing that he told Speaker Hastert’s chief of staff Scott Palmer about Foley’s interest in underage congressional page-boys three years ago, but questions remain as to whether Palmer kept the information from Hastert.

Reynolds accepted $100,000 from Foley for RNCC congressional campaign coffers at the same time Republican leaders were deciding how to handle Foley’s underage sex case, raising questions as to whether GOP leaders were selling their silence and obstructing justice regarding the page-boy predatory sex issue. That Fordham would be committing career suicide by literally throwing the Speaker of House under the bus if his statements were not true lends substantial credence to seemingly strong evidence surrounding the Foley email cover-up by congressional Republicans.

Déjà vu all over again? has previously reported that a witness said that during the Bush 41 call-boy scandal story broken by the Washington Times, _abducted children were abused by 20-30 pedophile members of congress at child sex parties held at an Embassy Row mansion where a Secret Service-secured presidential limo was seen parked outside.

_Click image to enlarge_

Male prostitutes toured Bush 41 White House before federal agents were sent into the streets to collect and destroy copies of this Thursday, June 29, 1989 Washington Times headline story by Paul M. Rodriguez and George Archibald which led to multiple follow-up stories.

Our two stories on evidence of Bush 41 administration pedophilia employed federal court and state child protection agency testimony directly from some of the abused children involved, adding veracity to the original reporting of Rodriguez and Archibald in the Washington Times.

But the Capitol Hill child sex criminality directly linked to the highest levels of the U.S. government had its genesis in the abduction of children from Nebraska and other heartland states, according to attorney John DeCamp.

John W. DeCamp, Esq., author of The Franklin Cover-up, 2nd ed., January, 2005, said “the Bush 41 Justice Department, acting through the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Omaha, NE, emerges from the record of the Franklin investigations not so much as a party to the cover-up, but as its coordinator. Rigging grand juries, harassment of witnesses, incitement to perjury and tampering with evidence—federal personnel were seen to apply all of those techniques in the Franklin case.”

The testimony of the abused and murdered children who were flown back and forth to Washington, DC to attend “parties” sometimes attended by our highest elected officials is a lesson of incomparable tragedy related to present Capitol Hill sex-ring scandals alleged by federal agents.

We followed up the congressional child sex story linked to a former president with another story and interview with the _photographer who was allegedly employed by a former Republican Party activist to take pictures of current and retired U.S. House-Senate members and other prominent government officials engaging in sexual criminality by receiving or committing sodomy and other sex acts on children during the Reagan-Bush 41 administrations.


Evidence indicates that history repeats itself, and federal agents say that Congressman Foley is only the tip of the iceberg. This, while President Bush and Vice President Cheney have been quickly distancing themselves from the evidence and story as if to say, “not again.”

Late night TV host Jay Leno referred to the GOP Tuesday evening as the “Gay Old Pedophiles,” further indicating that congressional sex with minors had marinated the mainstream news.

List of story sources for Reagan-Bush 41 pedophilia scandals:

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